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#2133: Tournament Shield

Item ID 2133 For Sale No
Identifier Tournament_Shield Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Tournament Shield Type Armor
NPC Buy 20 Weight 100
NPC Sell 10 Weapon Level 0
Range 0 Defense 5
Slots 1 Refineable Yes
Attack 0 Min Equip Level 50
Equip Locations Off Hand
Equip Upper Upper
Equippable Jobs Swordman / Knight / Crusader
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Description A shield designed to be used in jousting on horseback in tournaments,"
providing the best defense if used with a spear."
ATK + 1%"
[Long Horn & Battle Hook or Hunting Spear Equip Set]"
DEF + 2, ATK + 4%."
Lord Knight Class]"
Attack Speed -5%."
Class :
Defense :
Weight :
Required Level :
Applicable Job :
Trans Swordman Class"
Item Use Script

1 bonus2 bAddRace,RC_NonBoss,1; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Boss,1; if( Class == Job_Lord_Knight ) bonus bAspdRate,-5;

Equip Script None
Unequip Script None

Tournament Shield Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Tournament Shield Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
1990 Hardrock Mammoth 10% 115 Brute Level 3 Earth

Tournament Shield Buyable At

This item can not be bought

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