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#21098: Lord Minstrel's Cursed Hat

Item ID 21098 For Sale No
Identifier Lord_Minstrel_Cursed_Hat Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Lord Minstrel's Cursed Hat Type Armor
NPC Buy 20 Weight 30
NPC Sell 10 Weapon Level 0
Range 0 Defense 1
Slots 1 Refineable Yes
Attack 0 Min Equip Level 1
Equip Locations Upper Headgear
Equip Upper Normal / Upper / Baby / Baby
Equippable Jobs All Jobs
Equip Gender Male
Description A cursed hat that has survived countless owners. No one knows its origin. It makes the wearer feel incredibly nimble, but some say that's a delusion suffered by its victims while it eats away at their souls."
AGI + 5, DEX + 3, LUK + 5"
Hit + 15, Aspd + 15%"
Enables use of Level 1 Raging Trifecta Blow."
Class : Headgear"
Defense :
Equipped on :
Weight :
Required Level :
Applicable Job :
All classes"
Item Use Script

1 bonus bAgi,5; bonus bDex,3; bonus bLuk,5; bonus bHit,15; bonus bAspdRate,15; skill "MO_TRIPLEATTACK",1; bonus2 bHPLossRate,(readparam(6)/100),5000;

Equip Script None
Unequip Script None

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